Menopause Manipulated…no more

I want my newsletter to be informative and pertinent to the topic of menopause. But how can it be informative and pertinent when there are different definitions of menopause? My definition of menopause is the moment the ovaries of a woman have drawn their last breath and fail, to no more be able to make ovarian hormones. To fail not because a woman doesn’t need her ovarian hormones any longer but because of time. None of our organs were meant to last forever. Alas, our ovaries will eventually fail from age which is called age related organ failure.

Before you begin reading my newsletters, I want to set the tone for you.

I see age related organ failure as an opportunity to recognize that every organ in our body is important to the metabolic functioning of our body. I see the damage done to a woman’s body when ovarian hormones are no longer available in the amounts her body needs. As intellectual beings, I see an opportunity to pick up where the ovaries left off to prevent the predicable illnesses that will befall every woman living with age related ovarian failure.

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