An honest view of menopause & andropause

At Diamond Research Foundation (DRF) we believe in simplicity, transparency and scientific integrity.

We understand why menopause and andropause occurs and know that the treatment is simple and powerful. Effective treatment can prevent and reverse major diseases associated with these illnesses such as breast cancer, prostate disease and osteoporosis. We also know which treatments are effective and which will be worse than the illness it is treating.

We understand that the use of hormones in a pre-menopausal woman can help to reduce the risk of birth defects, extend fertility and postpone menopause.

We understand that the use of hormones in a man with low hormone levels can help protect his fertility and prostate health.

We understand that the use of hormones can maintain satisfactory sexual function and response, mood, energy and overall quality of life.

At Diamond Research we believe you should know and understand these things as well.