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Apr 23 2024
Apr 23 2024
Apr 15 2024

A Sample Conversation Between a Woman and her Doctor

One of the barriers to getting treatment is that there is a debate as to whether menopausal ovaries* cause a disease. The answer is yes, ovarian menopause causes a very serious disease. The name of the disease that a woman acquires when her ovaries become menopausal is called severe hypogonadism,... read more →
Jan 26 2024

I want your future to be better than my present

The Betrayal of Menopause Research It’s good to be back. It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but now I’m back. I decided to restart my blog because I’ve nearly finished my book, tentatively titled Menopause Manipulated. My book explains the reasons for the bad outcomes of clinical trials... read more →