An honest view of menopause & andropause.

At Diamond Research Foundation (DRF) we believe in simplicity, transparency and ethical menopause research. However, menopause research is not simple, not transparent and largely unethical. Our mission is to change that.

Menopause research has betrayed women and their doctors by perpetuating a charade for nearly 80 years. Menopause research says it has thoroughly tested HRT or hormone replacement for menopause and has proven it is unhealthy for menopausal women.

This is untrue.

For nearly 80 years menopause research has misled all of us. We believed them, we trusted them, we accepted the outcome of menopause trials and avoided hormones.

We were misled. There has never been an HRT trial of ovarian hormones that resulted in even low pre-menopausal levels in the history of menopause research. What has been used is a hormone pill that doesn’t contain any ovarian hormones. Without ovarian hormones a menopausal woman can’t restore her health.

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There are 3.5 billion reasons that menopause research is important.
Each of those reasons has a name.
And one of them is yours.