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Restoring Sexual Function and Response

Are sex hormones important to sexual function in women? Of course, they are. That is why they are called sex hormones. If sexual function was lost with menopause (advanced hypogonadism) can it be restored? Yes, if the reason was the loss of the ovarian hormones (peri-menopause or menopause). Restoring of all of the ovarian hormones […]

Menopause Happens to Men Too!

Menopause happens to men too! Blog posted on Wellness.com by Beth Rosenshein Menopause is a word that is usually reserved for women, so we think it only happens to women. Not true! If we look at how menopause occurs in a woman we can easily see how it can occur in a man as well. […]

Understanding Why Menopause Hormone Trials Fail

Menopause hormone trials are designed to fail How can a hormone clinical trial predictably fail? Only on purpose. Scientifically based hormone replacement clinical trials are easy, cheap, and eventually always successful. It is only a matter of adjusting dosages and measuring hormone levels to find success. Done right a hormone replacement clinical trial is guaranteed […]

A Different View of Menopause

Originally posted to Wellness.com October 31, 2007 by Beth Rosenshein, Founder, DRF I have a different view of menopause than most. I see it not as a transition to be embraced but as a medical problem that causes a lot of ill health, and I see medical treatment as the solution to that problem. I […]

Hypogonadism Information For Men

Isn’t it normal for women to have hot flashes but not for men? Hot flashes occur in men and women who have profoundly low levels of sex hormones. Both women and men have the same sex hormones just in different levels. What is similar is that profoundly low levels of all the sex hormones will […]