Why start so early? You need to start early because it will take time to find a doctor that knows the difference between a horse from a human.

What does a horse have to do with menopause?

Believe it or not, all of menopausal medicine is based on research that used hormones obtained from horses. Of course, horse hormones aren’t healthy for humans. That’s a no brainer. Just like horse blood isn’t good for humans and neither are horse organs. If someone said to you that kidney transplants would no longer be allowed because horse kidneys had been transplanted into people and then those people got very sick would you think that was the end of the story? Just abandon all kidney transplants because horse kidneys fail in humans? Would you question why human kidneys weren’t being used? Would you listen to this and not question it?

Well, that’s what has happened with the treatment of menopause. Because horse hormones make women sick the vast majority of the medical profession has chosen to abandon treatment for menopause instead of using the logical treatment option of bio-identical hormones made for humans in a laboratory.

With so many doctors saying no to treatment your mothers, grandmothers, aunts and older women friends are denied treatment of an easily treated illness, low ovarian hormones. Most women don’t realize that treatment is being denied for no good reason. Most women are forced to accept a reality that is harsh, bitter, and very unhealthy.

This does not have to happen to you.

Now you know why women are denied treatment. It’s because their doctor can’t tell a horse from a human or they don’t care.

Either way, you know better. You can have a better future. You can recognize that the treatment for menopause should start in your early 30’s because the earlier you start the more likely you can improve and extend your fertility, maintain your health and sex drive and prevent major illnesses in the future. It also means potentially postponing menopause for years or perhaps decades. Click here for more information on extending fertility.

Now it’s up to you. You mother’s reality does not have to be your reality.