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Eradicate Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is an illness that is easily reversed and prevented. It has several different causes, however the vast majority of the time it is caused by one illness, hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is an illness that strikes every man and women over the age of 30 and, if left untreated, will progress to profound hypogonadism.

Hypogonadism causes osteoporosis in men and women because a shortage of any of the gonadal hormones will disrupt the ability of the bones to maintain their strength. In other words, hypogonadism in women and men will always result in weaker bones.

Over time, as gonadal hormone levels drop further and further below normal the more severely, bones are weakened. Eventually, the bones become so weak that it becomes very easy to break a bone. You could be turning a door knob and break your wrist, or you could be walking or getting out of a chair and your body weight would be enough to break your hip in the process.

Osteoporosis is an easily prevented disease and is easily reversed. However, when looking for treatment, rarely will a person -man or woman - be offered effective treatment for hypogonadism, the root cause of the weakened bones. Instead, a person is generally offered substandard treatment with medications, such as bisphosphonates, that can slightly to moderately increase bone density and strength. Remember, effective treatment of hypogonadism can completely prevent and reverse bone loss - and bisphosphonates are only, at best, 50% as potent as effective treatment. It is the difference between merely having osteopenia and achieving normal bone mass and strength. Bisphosphonates like Fosamax and Actonel, do nothing for the underlying illness, hypogonadism. These medications can be looked at as band aids and nothing more because they only slightly to moderately improve bone strength. Because hypogonadism is the root cause, bringing all of the gonadal hormone levels up to normal will reverse even the most severe osteoporosis.

Hypogonadism becomes more severe in women at an earlier age than men because women's gonads tend to begin to fail sooner than men's. The severity of osteoporosis is directly related to the severity and length of time a person's hypogonadism has gone untreated.

Treat the root cause of osteoporosis and stay on the treatment for the rest of your life. You are never too old to benefit from effective treatment. Your body was designed to use gonadal hormones to keep you healthy. Given in the proper dosages, your body will put these gonadal hormones to good use and you'll have a lifetime without the risk of osteoporosis from hypogonadism.

If proper treatment for hypogonadism were offered to every woman and man who needed it, osteoporosis would be eradicated and become a terrible disease of the past!

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