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Premarin™ isn't HRT

Women are primarily denied treatment for profound hypogonadism because of the results of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI). The WHI widely advertised that it used HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, to see if it could help women be healthier as they grew older.

As we all know, the 'HRT' that was used made the women sicker and the clinical trial was ended abruptly in 2002. As a result, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stated that HRT was unhealthy and that women should find alternatives to treat their profound hypogonadism.

The results of the WHI don't make sense because when HRT is used properly, with pure, measured, and monitored hormones, it is one of the most successful areas of medicine. It doesn't make sense that the NIH would state that HRT works for all other hormone replacement regimens, thyroid, cortisol, etc., but doesn't work for profound hypogonadism without taking a closer look at why.

A closer look at the study drugs used, Premarin™ and Provera™ would have shown the NIH that neither drug is FDA approved as replacement for any gonadal hormone. They are not approved for replacement of any hormone because, alone or together, neither replaces any hormone. The WHI does not cite one drug study that documents that Premarin™ replaces any ovarian hormones. In fact, it does the opposite. Premarin™ creates much higher than normal estrogen levels, giving a woman hyperestrogenism, a new illness she didn't have before, and significantly reduces the free androgen and free progesterone levels in her body. It is not clear why the FDA allowed the NIH to call Premarin™ or Provera™ HRT, which mislead the public with expectations of replacement.

The women who received the study drugs had higher than ovulation levels of estrogen all day, every day. As a consequence of this hyperestrogenism other problems started to develop in other parts of their bodies, like thicker blood leading to blood clots, overstimulation of the breasts, liver changes that lead to a dramatic reduction in every free androgen in the entire body, a dramatic reduction in free progesterone, a reduction in thyroid hormone and more.

The WHI was not designed to observe women on HRT for 15 years. It was designed to observe women with worsened profound hypogonadism and hyperestrogenism. The poor outcome of the WHI was from years of enduring hyperestrogenism and worsened profound hypogonadism and not from replacement because none was given.The WHI violated informed consent laws by not being honest with the recruited women.

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